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Donate Now via PayPal

For further information on any of the below methods of contribution and their tax advantage, please consult your tax advisor.  Financial contributions to the Old Newsboys of Greater Lansing may be tax-deductible.

PayPal Credit Card

kids running with backpacks

Multiple Ways to Donate

You can donate at anytime throughout the year.

  1. Send a check to:
    Old Newsboys of Greater Lansing
    Post Office Box 14058
    Lansing, MI 48901
  2. Text SHOES to 517-208-2788
  3. Donate via PayPal
  4. Give to a Charity Paper Seller at an area business or street corner during the Old Newsboys’ “Lansing Spoof Journal” sale. Volunteers sell the spoof edition on the first Thursday of December.
  5. Contact us about Memorial and Planned Giving. Leaving a legacy is an increasingly common way to express your commitment. Please consider one of the following methods of financial support:
    • Wills
    • Life insurance policies
    • Gift annuities
    • Gift in kind (real estate, securities, tangible property)
    • Donations of residential interest

Providing Shoes & Boots to Deserving Children Since 1924

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