Providing shoes & boots to deserving children since 1924.
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About Us

Our History

Lansing’s tradition of raising money to provide shoes and boots for deserving schoolchildren began around 1910 when truant officer George E. Palmer established the Palmer Shoe Fund.

In 1924 the Old Newsboys Association, led by its first president R. Guy Brownson, was organized to assist in the efforts begun by Palmer. The Old Newsboys cooperated with The State Journal and the Lansing Capital News to publish and sell a spoof newspaper during a one-day fund-raising drive. Clergy, educators, businessmen, politicians and other citizens joined in the effort.

Since 1932 the Lansing State Journal has printed the humorous tabloid annually hawked by Old Newsboys on streets and in workplaces throughout Greater Lansing.

A Michigan Historical Marker in Wentworth Park honors the Old Newsboys.

ONB Benero dedication2017 Officers

Claire Corr, President,

Cassandra Becker-Trawitz, 1st Vice President & Sales Day Chair
Ross Martin, 2nd Vice President

Linda Becker, Corresponding Secretary

Sean Douglas, Treasurer

Mark Nixon, Media Director
Luke Canfora, Immediate Past President
Jim Spackman, Assistant Executive Director
Tom Rathbun, Assistant Treasurer

Board of Directors



Joseph Bellgowan

Charles Filice

Denny Green

Renee Morgan-Freeman

Larry Parker

Dan Perrone

Matt Pierson

Bill Reed

Bridget Sparks

Steven Underwood

Ashlee Willis

Mike Yankowski


Honorary Members

Jane Aldrich, Retired from WLNS TV6
Teri Bernero, Director Lansing Promise/Hope Foundation
Mary Ellen Sheets, Two Men and a Truck
Maj. Sam Davis, Ingham County Sheriff’s Department
Vickki Dozier, LSJ Columnist 
Suzy Merchant, MSU Women’s Basketball Coach